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I am a graduate of the Art Institute of Chicago and  spent several years working in the Photography Department at the Field Museum of Natural History of Chicago. I have had my work shown in several galleries in and around Chicago. I’ve also had photographs published in different periodicals. 


My most important endeavor was curating and participating in a show about the perceptions and truths of mental illness "Snap Out of It", at the Dole Mansion in Crystal Lake IL., in May of 2014.                    

My main focus had been painting and photography which branched out to assemblage, mixed media, multi-media and writing. My photography is often painterly. 


I have spent many years looking, seeing and hopefully gaining knowledge, through the shadowy eyes of chronic illness affecting my myself and my family. Unfortunately, it has taken away years of further study and the ability to produce more work. At times I experience clarity, at others, a skewed world view. 


I frequently do not know what will be translated in a piece. My work is often accidental or a direct stream of subconscious thought.


If I can capture and share images as I age through my personal, changing filter; then I feel I have achieved some form of communication with others.



All images and text on this website:

©saworks Sophia Anastasiou~Wasik unless otherwise noted

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