Life with Lyme: Early Summer, 1986

Illustration by saworks 


How to make Lymeade from Lyme


Take one part Nature

One part Fate 

Two parts Endurance

...and a whole lot of Stubbornness


I have always hated roller coasters. Up down, down up, oy vey. Thrills like that I don't need; I had kids. 


For 29 years that was my life. I felt good I felt bad, but never great after that fateful day in the Hudson River Valley NY.


I had gone to a beautiful stream bed with my friend and future brother-in-law: Tom Wasik and a friend of his to take photos. Little did I know tiny monsters lurked to change lives like the Greek Gods would do for sport.


Hera: "That young woman bothers me somehow and I am totally bored today."

Zeus: "But my dear she's a nothing, look at her, carrying around some silly object about her neck and                       making those fine young men lie in the water draped in muslin, why they look like us!  What                         handsome boys..."

Hera: "Hmphmm...Since when have your disloyal eyes turned to masculine beauty?"

Zeus: "Everyone needs a change now and then...and I am a Greek God after all!"           

Hera was quite a jealous Goddess.


      Detail from "Addiction" using a photo from the infamous day:

The first time I was taken to an amusement park, was near Chicago: Kiddie Land. Our neighbor's daughter and her boyfriend had taken me. I went on all the rides. The last one was the roller coaster. From a small human's perspective the top seemed to touch the clouds. 


Hera: "That small human is unabashedly climbing too close to my golden sandals! Get back down you little             gibbon!"


We got back to the car where I promptly vomited my cotton candy. I believe the young couple were traumatized for life. I later saw the young woman as an adult. She never did have children and I don't ever go on roller coasters.




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